Terms and conditions of the Saffricon Production Manual

  1. Saffricon (PTY)Ltd has developed a detailed Saffron Production Manual that contains trade secrets and other confidential information that is integral to the successful operations of the company’s business.
  2. A copy of the Production Manual is being made available on loan forthwith referred to as the trial grower to assist him/her in the operation of the business.
  3. The Production Manual remains the property of Saffricon (PTY)Ltd and it is noted that the copy of the Production Manual has been entrusted to the trial grower.
  4. The Production Manual and any supplementary manuals or related documentation is/are made available to the trial grower on the express condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, sold, hired out or otherwise circulated or distributed to anyone without Saffricon (PTY)Ltd prior written consent. This includes copies in both printed and electronic format.
  5. The trial grower acknowledges that he/she has been expressly requested to keep the Production Manual confidential not to make copies of the Production Manual.
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Please note: Delivery for the Gardener Pack and Trail Pack will not occur until February 2024.